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ONDA Wave Partners
Difficult-to-manage nighttime reservations are arriving automatically now, energizing and motivating me every morning. I can’t imagine my day without the ease of the reservation management platform ONDA anymore.

Baguni Hostel ㅣ Sunchoen
Since I’ve met ONDA Wave, I have been able to focus on taking care of customers and conducting marketing campaigns rather than reservation management. ONDA Wave maintains my property’s utilization rate on a high level, and I have no concerns regarding the management as ONDA managers always stand by me whenever I need help.

Sun & Moon Resort ㅣ Jeju
With the stabilized ONDA Wave, it’s great to be able to take reservations without any concerns about overbooking during the peak season. Moreover, my property’s monthly revenue is remarkably rising by 10% as the reservation ratio is increasing. Thank you. ONDA!

Brown Dot Hotel Gold ㅣ Busan